Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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From International Public Health Specialist to American Certified Midwife

After a 15-year international career in public health spanning 20 countries, Renée Fiorentino, LM, CM, MPH earned her Advanced Certificate in...

Q&A with Lori Trego, Distinguished Nurse Scholar in Residence at the National Academy of Medicine

Lori Trego, PhD, CNM, FAAN, a nationally recognized researcher, talks about her role at the National Academy, why midwives are the...

My Journey to Midwifery

I often wonder if I chose midwifery or if midwifery chose me. There is no doubt that my journey to midwifery began with my...

Six Key Points to Share about Immunization

A recent study of pregnant women from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found most women make decisions about vaccinating...

Helping Pregnant Women Navigate Microbiome Research

There is a growing body of research that focuses on the “critical window in early life” from conception through the first...

Midwives for Universal Health Care: Now Is the Time to Get Involved

New ACNM Connect group is advocating for health care reform and needs your help. For years, a solid...


Anatomy of a PAC-Rally

The ACNM Midwives Political Action Committee (PAC) is busy planning for a successful PAC Rally at the Annual Meeting & Exhibition this May just outside Washington, DC! Each year, the PAC Rally is attended by over 300 midwives, bringing in nearly $50,000....


Region IV Spring Update

Region IV had an active winter season. We held retreats, dinners coupled with CEU events, and affiliate meetings. We gathered information in...

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