Cultivating a Culture of Inclusion at All Levels


Building a wider, welcoming community within ACNM for all of our current and potential members is a key priority outlined in our 5-year strategic plan, which we launched in July 2015. To address this priority, we have made a core commitment to diversification and inclusion within the organization. Yet challenges to doing this effectively continue to exist.

Insights into the Status Quo

“Shifting the Frame: A Report on Diversity and Inclusion in the American College of Nurse-Midwives” articulates well the barriers and opportunities to achieving a diverse and inclusive organization. Released in 2015 as an outcome of work by the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and informed by the Midwives of Color Committee, this report offers insights into the impact that ACNM being an overwhelmingly homogeneous organization has had on our profession, members, and those we serve.

The task force found that by a 2 to 1 margin midwives of color felt that ACNM had not done a good job of encouraging leadership among diverse midwives, promoting multicultural undertanding, and representing a variety of groups when offering programs. As one midwife noted, “All the faces at the podium are white.”


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