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Reviewing ACME Accreditation Criteria for Diversity and Inclusion

T he ACME Board of Commissioners (BOC), executive director, and volunteers from midwifery education programs conducted full review of the ACME Criteria for Programmatic Accreditation. The process included developing a rubric to be applied to all criteria including a “Diversity and Racial Equity Lens.” In 2015, ACME committed to a 3-year strategic plan which included the expansion of diversity and inclusion in all ACME operations. One of the objectives tied to this goal was to review ACME accreditation criteria during its five year review for evidence of diversity and inclusion.

Definition of the Diversity and Racial Equity Lens:

In applying a diversity and racial equity lens to the criteria review process, ACME aimed to consider the effect, whether conscious or unconscious, of each criterion on: the participation of minority or disadvantaged students and faculty in midwifery education programs, and the role of multicultural competence in the preparation of graduates for successful midwifery practice.

In addition, each criterion will be evaluated considering the following questions:

All ACME atakeholders and the public were invited to comment on the proposed criteria during a six-week period open comment period. The ACME Board of Commissioners took these comments and suggestions into consideration and published the final criteria in May 2019.

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