Writer’s Guidelines

Quickening welcomes and encourages submissions by members. Articles typically run from 300 to 800 words and range from short posts of a paragraph or two focused on the activities of committees and affiliates or an upcoming or recently attended event, to longer feature-style articles on a wide-range of midwifery subjects, such as clinical and practice “how-to” pieces; personal essays related to the experiences or reflections of a midwife, student midwife, or retired midwife. See our FAQs for subject matter details and information about the Quickening approval process. The key is that the topics are relevant and interesting to ACNM members.

Quickening’s tone is professional, yet conversational, as if the writer is speaking directly to a colleague. Authors are encouraged to include interesting details, quotes, facts, and examples that engage the reader. Authors may also submit outlines or first drafts for review if they wish. Queries about article ideas are welcome.

The Quickening editorial staff reserves the right to select articles for publication based on the subject matter’s relevance to midwifery, sufficient interest in the topic, whether other articles or posts have recently appeared on the same topic, and editorial quality. The team strives for balance in covering a wide variety of topics and perspectives, striving to allocate sufficient editorial space to all worthy topics. Articles and posts may also be rejected if they promote a product or do not follow ACNM’s Code of Conduct. To maximize the likelihood that a submission will be published, contributors are encouraged to contact the editor before proceeding with an article. Members may submit articles or posts directly to quick@acnm.org or through the Submit an Article form.

Articles and posts follow JMWH editorial style guide. They are not typically footnoted, but are linked or referenced within the text, i.e. “as a Washington Post article noted…”

Contributors should submit one or more photos with their article or posts that are of sufficient quality to reproduce well in a digital format, that are relevant to the article, and that the contributor has taken him or herself or that he or she has obtained permission to reproduce. Additionally, Quickening requests that authors submit the articles with their full credentials and a line or two about themselves for our author’s attribution, and a head shot or photo that can be cropped into a head shot.

Questions? Please email quick@acnm.org.