Winter 2023 Off the Hill Advocacy Week


Get excited for Winter Off the Hill Advocacy Week! Join us the week of January 23rd-27th!  to advocate for midwifery!! 

Due to the pandemic, our Members of Congress and their staff have become more accessible through virtual meetings. Engagement with legislators now is crucial to educate about midwifery and to establish us as expert resources to the office on midwifery and more broadly healthcare. 

What is “Off the Hill” Advocacy Week?

This January will be our 13th Off the Hill Advocacy Week! Off the Hill advocacy efforts began in May 2018. Three times a year, coinciding with Georgetown’s On the Hill day, midwives and midwifery students organize visits to the local offices of their federal legislators. These efforts empower midwives and student midwives around the country to be politically savvy through advocacy skills and allow them to lead in policy and politics.  

This Off the Hill Week, we are so excited to be advocating for the Maximizing Optimal Maternity Services (MOMs) Act, a bill that would secure permanent funding for midwifery education (CNM, CM and CPM) programs. 

What is Virtual Off the Hill Week?

As appointments cannot be made in person, we encourage you to reach out to your Member of Congress’ office and ask to set up a zoom meeting. 

The issue of provider shortages and the need to build up the midwifery and healthcare workforce is especially important now. Now is the time to make some noise for this bill!

  • If you don’t know who they are, check out these links to find your Representative and your Senators
  • Encourage other midwives and student midwives from your affiliate or school to go with you! There’s power in numbers and it makes it a lot less intimidating to have others with you.  Zoom makes it especially easy to meet even if you are not all together! 
  • To sign up to participate in Off the Hill Week please fill out this spreadsheet with your name and email and information about your visit

Get prepared for your visit

  • Check out our meeting “How to Guide/Talking Points” for all the information you need for your visit!
  • The Off the Hill Prep Folder contains videos, talking points, and much more to prepare for your visit including a pre-recorded zoom session with information on the bill and a Mock Visit. Check it out! Please note that bill information will be updated as things change. 

Questions? You can contact Lexi Garbus, MSN,CNM, ACNM National Government Affairs Committee Chair.