Please Step Up …

In Support of Advocacy for Midwives and the Families We Serve.


“Raising the Voice of Midwives, One Donation at a Time”—this is our motto in the Midwives-Political Action Committee (PAC), and this fall, we continue the hard work of raising money on behalf of midwives, women, and babies. Our funds ensure that supportive legislators from both sides of the aisle are able to get into office and stay there. Although the bulk of our contributions come during the PAC Rally at ACNM Annual Meeting, the fall is when we make our final push to meet our $75,000 goal through the Student PAC-athon and the Fall Affiliate Challenge.

So far only 5% of members have given to the PAC. Help us do better. Even $5 makes a difference.

So far this year, only 5% of ACNM members have given to the MidwivesPAC. We hope to see more than 25% of ACNM members contribute! It does not matter how much you give. Whether you give $5 or $200, you will help us to meet our goal of $75,000 in 2017! Each year, we try to increase the proportion of midwives in ACNM who contribute. Our hard-working ACNM members provide the only source of funding for the contributions made to federal legislators from the Midwives-PAC. We cannot solicit money from any other groups or individuals, so—no matter the amount—your donation is important! Will you step up now in support of advocacy for midwives and the families we serve (http://

Say “Yes” to Students

During the Fall Affiliate Challenge, we have been asking affiliates to designate a portion of their budget to the Midwives-PAC. Additionally, some states challenge their membership with a matching contribution. Please encourage your affiliate to consider making a fall contribution to the Midwives-PAC if it is able. Challenge the membership to make individual donations as well! The PAC-athon is an event during which student midwives donate their time to call ACNM members who have yet to make a donation this year. If you hear from one of these amazing students, please say yes to their request for a donation. Better yet, save them a call by donating online today (

Federal legislators who have the ability to influence and support legislation related to midwifery and women’s health receive the vast majority of funds donated to the Midwives-PAC. We work with the Government Affairs Committee on advocacy targeting specific legislation, such as the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act, which ACNM’s advocacy and government affairs team is working to support right now. This legislation helps to establish maternal morbidity and mortality review boards in every state. We are also continuing efforts to pass the Maternity Care Shortage Act, which aims to designate specific areas in need of additional maternal health care providers nationally. We often collaborate with ACOG, AWHONN, and other professional organizations as we select legislation to support. At the Midwives-PAC, we do our best to maximize your contributions!

Productive Conversations

This summer, members of the Midwives-PAC accompanied Georgetown student midwives to Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. We had many productive conversations with legislators regarding the Maternity Care Shortage Act and the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act. Our lobbyist Patrick Cooney and Amy Kohl, director of advocacy and government affairs, are now following up on those meetings.

To expand our impact, the Midwives-PAC is growing! We added several new members to our board this summer and have expanded our number of at-large board members from 6 to 8. If you are interested in advocating with us, learn more about the Midwives-PAC by visiting our website ( We can always use the help of midwives who are passionate about advocacy in support of our profession and the families we serve.