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The Fourth Trimester Visit Increases Utilization

Toward the end of pregnancy, we see women weekly and guide them safely through the birth. And then, after all of the attention before birth, we do not schedule a postpartum visit until several weeks later....

Tips for a Great Global Health Experience

Emma Clark, third from left with members of the Ghana Midwives Association in Ghana.

Announcing the ACNM Global Health Competencies and Skills for Midwives

The American College of Nurse Midwives Board of Directors and the ACNM Division of Global Engagement are pleased to announce the establishment of the ACNM Global Health Competencies and Skills for Midwives. The ACNM...

Six Key Points to Share about Immunization

A recent study of pregnant women from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found most women make decisions about vaccinating their infants before they even give birth. This means pregnant women may be...
Like peas in a pod, quality improvement comes hand in hand with risk management.

Quality Improvement and Risk Reduction: Two Peas in a Midwife’s Pod

Quality improvement and risk management are often treated as unrelated aspects of the health care system. They are housed in different departments and operate independently rather than in unison. It is unfortunate that the work of improving...
Advocating for Universal Health Care.

Midwives for Universal Health Care: Now Is the Time to Get Involved

New ACNM Connect group is advocating for health care reform and needs your help. For years, a solid base of activists comprised largely of physicians and nurses has championed the radical notion of a single-payer health care...
Kitty Ernst at the A.C.N.M. Foundation, Inc. 2017 Founders Hall of Fame event in Chicago

Strengthening the Profession Going Forward

Kitty Ernst, CNM, MPH, FACNM is a leading figure in midwifery— dynamic, dedicated, and innovative. Her pioneering vision and exceptional contributions over the years have done much to grow and institutionalize the profession. She was a seminal...

Helping Pregnant Women Navigate Microbiome Research

There is a growing body of research that focuses on the “critical window in early life” from conception through the first year, when maternal and infant exposures may alter the initial bacterial colonization,...

Region III Spring Update: Calling Out Names

Maya Angelou. CC 2.0 Photo by Talbot Troy

Reviewing ACME Accreditation Criteria for Diversity and Inclusion

T he ACME Board of Commissioners (BOC), executive director, and volunteers from midwifery education programs conducted full review of the ACME Criteria for Programmatic Accreditation. The process included developing a rubric to...