Birthing in the Time of Corona


Tears accompany the layers between us…  how rude to our psyches this new birthing is.

The masks, shields, filters… earnestly muting our fullest expressions.

It’s a task to breathe and speak in that gentle birthing way. Despite our angst and distraction, birth brings baby through.

Mama, in her mask, reaches as new baby dear searches for her face. 

Primordial bonding must unfold. But, what is this face?… a mask now a mouth space. 

Baby dear, hear our raised, muffled voices. Listen close, you are so astute. I need to reassure you, reassure us… this attachment will occur.

Look, see baby dear, our eyes

are dancing with coos and smiles and welcomes, I promise you. 

Papa fidgets with camera, fearful to touch or get too near.

Come closer papa, closer.  Show your voice, those dancing eyes!

There you go! Here we all are, arrived. Birthed. Just fine…. Birthed… slowly absorbing those birthing tears…