YNM Member Story: Michelle Becker, MS, RN, LCCE


Share your story: What does midwifery mean to you? What would you like to be celebrated in the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife?

Midwifery to me means being with people at their most vulnerable. We see you naked and call you powerful. We see you in pain and call you strong. We see you cry and call you courageous. The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife should celebrate our connection to people. We’re the antidote to a medicalized, impersonal care system.

Tell us about your background: Which midwifery education program did you attend or are currently attending? What are your areas of specialty? Who mentored you along the way in your career? What inspired you to become a midwife?

I don’t feel I had a choice. I was born to be a midwife. My mother loves to tell the embarrassing stories about how as a small child, while other children played with dolls and trucks, I pretended to be pregnant and push out babies. Then I would swaddle the pretend baby and hand it off to my over-joyed family members. It was a big hit at family gatherings.

Pregnancy and women’s health have always been a passion and fascination of mine. After 7 years as a nurse I graduated Georgetown University and achieved my dream of becoming a CNM.

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Twitter/Instagram: @Nurse_Becker, @theAdnexa