ACNM Welcomes Karen Jefferson as the Director, Midwifery Practice and Education


ACNM welcomes Karen Jefferson, DM, CM, FACNM as the new Director, Midwifery Practice and Education, as of May 21, 2021. Dr. Jefferson formerly served on ACNM’s Board of Directors as the Region I Representative. She brings over twenty years of experience in midwifery practice having practiced in both hospital and home settings. She also has a background in and passion for advocacy and was instrumental in changing the Midwifery Practice Act in New York to grant midwives full practice authority in 2010 and passing legislation to create Midwifery-Led Birth Centers in 2016. In addition, Dr. Jefferson continues to promote expanding licensure of Certified Midwives along with the ACNM Committee of Midwife Advocates for CMs (C-MAC) and is celebrating the acquisition in 2021 of two new states where CMs can be licensed – Maryland and Virginia.

Dr. Jefferson’s past position was as an assistant professor and program coordinator for the doctorate in midwifery at the Midwifery Institute at Jefferson. She taught educational content to both masters and doctoral students. She has designed and revised the curriculum, which will enhance her ability to create educational content for the members of ACNM and lead the organization into the future. Strongly committed to the mission of ACNM, Dr. Jefferson joins ACNM’s staff leadership team and looks forward to helping grow education, advance advocacy efforts, and provide the clinical and practice expertise that enhances the knowledge base of the staff team.