Region V Spring Update: Strategizing, Leading Change

The collective midwifery energy and efforts in Region V is creating momentum on the state front.

A common theme from affiliates in our region: student involvement! They are on affiliate boards, helping to lead change, and most affiliates are looking to ways to offer support for students to attend our Annual Meeting.  Other highlights include growing use of ACNM Connect, Zoom/remote meetings, and strategizing ways to grow membership. Many are already planning and scheduling the waiver training to be able to prescribe buprenorphine and better serve our patients.

Kansas has introduced HB 2066 into the legislature for the 2019 session to create full practice authority for all 4 roles of APRNs, and it has good traction in the state, stay tuned!

Minnesota committees for Equity and Justice and IMOCC (Indeginous and Midwives of Color Committee) are going strong, engaging members and students, and breaking new ground. Minnesota conference: Optimal Outcomes in Women’s Health 2019 was in January with keynote speaker Eugene R. Declercq, PhD.

North Dakota doesn’t have an affiliate yet, but they have some inspired, busy midwives.  They are active on ACNM Connect and changing care delivery by implementing nitrous oxide, hydrotherapy and increasing IA.

South Dakota midwives are still enjoying their full practice authority win from 2017 and working to promote midwifery in their state.  Here is Courtney Heynen, CNM, FCP,FCMC, SD Affiliate President and other members thinking of ways to support students at their fall 2018 meeting!!

Wisconsin is continuing to work towards full scope authority and have gotten further in the process than ever before with a new bill recently drafted.

Iowa is working on legislation to improve access to prenatal services and considering   ways to support local doula services to increase support for women.

Nebraska is working onLB 730 is an APRN Consensus bill. 5 practice acts into 1, and as a requirement for Consensus removes the CNM written practice agreement requirement for licensing. They are planning a fall retreat

It’s inspiring to hear of the collective midwifery energy and efforts in Region V. 

See you in DC!