Region V Update (Jul-Dec 2020)


While the Region V Affiliates and members have felt the impact of COVID-19, they continue with virtual meetings, inducting new officers, reporting growing numbers of CNMs and CMs, and moving forward with affiliate goals. Check out a snapshot of the work our amazing members are doing:

Legislative work:
Kansas has been working on a full practice bill that includes all four advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) roles. The Kansas governor eliminated the collaborative practice agreement for all APRNs to assist during COVID and signed a proclamation that 2020 was the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife!
Wisconsin continues to work diligently on its APRN modernization bill, but was stymied this fall when legislators were not in session for 100 days.
Minnesota is working with a very effective lobbyist on its CM bill (with a lot of local support, including the Minnesota affiliate of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) and on expanding Medicaid coverage for 12 months postpartum.
Nebraska is working with all state APRNs and the Board of Health on a APRN Consensus Model.
Iowa created a new legislative committee and is working to collaborate with other APRNs on legislative issues.

Anti-racism work:
Minnesota organized a virtual anti-racism workshop and has been hosting quarterly reading and discussion meetings about racial inequities in healthcare.

Growth in midwifery:
Kansas: Stacey Eason, CNM; Amanda Haworth, CNM, MSN, APRN; and Rachel Cheek, CNM implemented a new midwifery practice in Wichita (which had no midwives for the last five years) and Tarena Sisk, CNM and Jamie Harrington, CNM, APRN, BC, FNP opened the state’s fourth freestanding birth center in Winfield.
Iowa: A new midwifery program will start in the fall of 2022 at the University of Iowa, led by Lastacia Coleman, DNP, CNM.
South Dakota: A new birth center is opening in Rapid City.

Midwives running for office:

Megan Workman, CNM, DNP was elected as mayor of Atkin, MN!

Cathy Gordon, CNM, FNP-BC ran for KS State Representative to help represent midwives and birth centers in Kansas.

As we all feel the hope and relief that is starting to come with the arrival of the vaccine, we look forward to face-to-face gatherings, meeting new students in person, and having more energy for all our good work!

In service,