State Advocacy update for Quickening 9/15/2022


While we remain focused on helping states with making sure midwives are in every community by achieving full practice authority, reimbursement parity and equitable admitting privileges, we are also monitoring the continued changes in sexual and reproductive health policy at the state level.  ACNM is maintaining this table of the current status of abortion in all of the states, including where midwives can and cannot provide abortion services. We also have a page on our website with more information and resources about abortion and ACNM, click here for the link.

How are you taking your patient advocacy to the next level?  Every midwife is a great advocate with each person we care for, but what about advocating for your community?  If you care about health equity and justice, then you already know that voting is essential.  As the 2022 midterm election campaign season heats up, this is a perfect opportunity to do a few things to advocate for midwifery and the communities we serve.  Here are three things you can do to make a difference:

  1. At your next affiliate meeting, make sure everyone knows who is on the ballot in November and know where the candidates stand on midwifery and midwifery-adjacent issues.
  2. Make sure your patients are registered to vote. Check out Vot-ER for more information on how to have these conversations quickly and effectively.
  3. Contact or to discuss improving your state’s practice environment and taking advocacy steps to reach our strategic goals to ensure midwifery for every community.