Region III Update (Jan-Jun 2020)

Midwives are ones that place their hearts out there to care for and love those in need. Region III reaches our hearts out to those experiencing dark incomprehensible days in the shadow of COVID-19. Region III takes this opportunity to send our love to you as regions of midwives, to grieve with you as regions of midwives, to support you as regions of midwives, and to thank you for giving of yourselves during these trying times. Region III also will take this opportunity to congratulate 2020 award winners. We dedicate this poem to all regions of midwives:

Hold On
To midwives near and far that find themselves in incomprehensible
dark days. We extend hope and light to regions of midwives tackling
this crisis in many ways.

Feel the warmth of our love and prayers as they soothe and nurture
you. Feel the peace of knowing that God and your fellow midwives are
here in immediate view.

Do you feel our heartbeat synchronized with your heartbeat? Do you
feel our hands reaching out to assist in this virus’ defeat?

Our love is here for you in the midst of your agony, grief, and pain.
Know that your midwife family is here to wipe away your tears and stain.

Life has placed you in the midst of suffering and death. While you carry
and support women and their families without regret.

We praise and thank you for the sacrifice you give to those in need.
While at the same time placing yourself in harms way due to Covid 19.

Overwhelmed by the thunder and the lightning causing harm. Open
the door to our well wishes to help umbrella this storm.

Hold on my sister, hold on my brother, this too shall pass. Soon you will
be able to venture and dance beyond this looking glass.

Region III acknowledges all 2020 Region III award winners:
• Exemplary Affiliate
» North Carolina
• Outstanding Preceptors
» Emory – Atlanta Birth Center
» East Carolina – Donna Wright, CNM
» Frontier – Wendy Sturrock, CNM
• Excellence in Teaching
» Emory – Alexis Brennae Dunn, PhD, CNM
» Vanderbilt – Tonia Moore-Davis, CNM, MSN, FACNM
• Dorothea Lang Award
» Elaine M. Moore, CNM, MSN, FACNM