Region III Update (Jul-Jan 20201)


Region III will share some of its affiliates’ accomplishments during the last months and a short poem of encouragement in these times of difficulties and challenges:

The North Carolina Affiliate is excited to announce that they are actively working with the North Carolina OBGYN Society to face a variety of COVID-19 challenges. They also celebrated Midwives of Color (MOC) during National Midwifery Week in October. Student midwives got involved by interviewing midwives and publishing their findings to highlight those MOC. Ami Goldstein stated that the students were pleased about the opportunity to share.

The Florida Affiliate has grown to add new committees and new volunteers. Jessica Brumley reported welcoming two new chapter chairs, Amanda Atchoo and Onidis Lopez. They have also added a Media Chair, Jessica Olsen, who is working on logo and website development; Student Engagement Chair, Noelle Jacobsen, who is working to organize student specific events; and Nominating Committee Chair, Minyon Outlaw, who is working to recruit new leaders. Nastassia Aiken was the winner of the BIPOC Midwifery Student Scholarship and now serves on as the Student Member of their Leadership Council. Their Legislative co-chairs, Mary Kay Miller and Kaleen Richards, have been leading the initiative to get SB-424 and HB-111 introduced in the state legislature to remove the restrictive language specific to midwifery included in the Autonomous Practice Act, which passed last year.

The South Carolina Affiliate, according to Barbara Davenport, is working to get a midwifery education program established in their community. The program will be interprofessional and five members from their affiliate serve on the task force. The affiliate is also using resources from the Tristate Conference to redesign its website.

The Sun Shines Through

I have never witnessed such dark clouds that hang so low
They bulge with fierce outpouching
Leaving one unprotected from the piercing blow

Do know that you are umbrellaed by your ACNM family
They are here to help repel the blows as you battle through
Know that we have your back regardless of calamity

Be strong, hold on to one another
Even the darkest clouds fade away
And the sun shines through the mangled clutter

Elois Edge, 2021

Thanks for all of your hard work and ingenuity, particularly in such a challenging environment. Lightning bolts that pierce the dark clouds come in various strikes such as bolts of COVID-19, Racism, Illness, Death, Disparity, Inhumanity, and Stress. Press on, and be encouraged to tackle your goals and allow the sun to shine through.